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4pm – 6pm


Puppy’s Paradise Home Boarding is a great alternative to a traditional kennel. Many dogs, especially rescues, senior dogs, small or shy dogs can not adjust to being in a kennel. Some dogs simply do not like all the barking or being confined to a cage much of the time. Our focus here will always be on your dogs peace of mind and physical well being. We want your dog’s visit to be as easy as possible for both you and your pet.

Here at Puppy’s Paradise, our space is clean, safe and relaxing. This is an open, cage-free environment so we only board well socialized and friendly dogs, although quiet, timid or elderly pups are just fine too. Most of the dogs we board are on the smaller side, although again, a gentle or friendly personality is the most important component to boarding here.

Since this is a family home, your dog becomes one of the family during his or her stay. All our guests sleep in the house with us at night and someone is always home during the day. We pride ourselves on being a great place that you can trust to bring your dog and where you know your dog will be nurtured and loved.

No long, lonely nights in a kennel wondering what happened to you! Your dog will love it here and will be always be happy to return!

Imagine your dog spending the day playing and socializing with friends, or stretched out under an old shady tree. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, please check out our video and picture galleries. Also, we are only a phone call away if you have any questions 617.899.2487. Thank you for considering our services.