Checklist to Make Your Pet's Stay Comfortable

Puppy's Paradise Home Boarding & Daycare

The Basics
Check List

Dropping your beloved dog off at a new place can be a stressful time– for both you and your dog. But by taking a little time to prepare your dog, they will be more comfortable, and you will have peace of mind that they'll be safe and in good hands. To ensure that your dog will have the most enjoyable stay possible at Puppy's Paradise Home Boarding, we have put together a short checklist for what to expect.

Health Requirements

For the health and safety of our guests, all dogs must be current in the following vaccinations:

  • Distemper/Parvo or proof of titers
  • Rabies Certificate
  • Annual Bordetella vaccine
  • Frontline (or similar) monthly flea and tick preventative medication

Please have your vet's office mail or email us confirmation or bring photocopies upon Check-In.

Boarding Agreement

Please complete our boarding agreement and bring it to your interview.

Click here to download our boarding agreement.


Having your dog(s) meet with us ensures that they will not be frightened when service begins. It only takes a short visit for your dog to sniff around and check everything out, and he/she will be very excited to return. Please call us to schedule a convenient time for you all to come over.

Dog Schedule

Dogs love routine, so please make a shortlist of what a normal day is like for your pooch. Ensure that there will be enough food, treats, and favorite toys for the time that you will be away. Please bring extra food for unexpected travel delays. Also, most dogs eat a little more than usual when they visit due to all the activities.

Dog Safety

Similar to children when their parents are away, dogs may try to test their limits in a new environment. Please let us know any unwanted behavior and any methods of training that you have been using to deal with any of your dog's possible behavior problems. Make a note of how your dog may interact with other dogs and people as well.


Please make your goodbye short & sweet as if you're leaving for the grocery store. Your dog will feel your confidence in your decision to leave him with us, and that will help him to feel confident too. It's best to have the kids stay in the car, so your dog is free to begin his vacation upon arrival.

Check Out

Your dog will be very excited to see you! Please try not to be overly excited to see him/he, although you are. Your calm reaction to seeing your dog will reinforce to him/her that you are again confident in your choice. Again, It's best to greet him as you would when you return from the grocery store.

At Home

Small amounts of food/water should be given for the first few hours; your dog will be excited to be home and may drink/eat too quickly. Also, your dog may sleep a day or two away, which is normal considering the hubbub of his vacation. It's not uncommon for a dog to feel a little depressed after leaving his new friends (the pack) and settling into the old routine.